With the quarantine measures relaxation, the housing market in Barbados is set to reopen. While the strict shutdown policies that put the real estate market in the country to a standstill are now loosening up, the social distancing guidelines are still in place and apply to the real estate market the same way they use to any other aspect of life.

Here is what you can expect in the real estate market in Barbados post-COVID-19 and how to protect yourself and others.

  1. Wear a Mask

Now that physical home tours are allowed again, we must act responsibly and protect ourselves and others. Make sure to wear the face mask and shoe coverings (some companies and sellers may provide them) and keep physical distance during the open house viewings.

You may also take advantage of virtual tours, but if you prefer to see the property in-person, practice the protective measures such as wearing protective coverings and keeping social distance.

  1. Wash Hands

Besides keeping social distance, washing hands regularly and thoroughly is one of the most crucial protective measures against the infection. Ensure that you wash hands at the viewings and keep your hand sanitizer with you.

  1. Temperature Checks

Some real estate companies and homeowners may implement temperature checks before entering an open house or viewing, so be prepared for this. If you feel unwell or suspect that you may have coronavirus symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, respiratory symptoms), let your real estate agent know and cancel the viewing.

  1. Regular Airing

It is essential to get in as much fresh air as possible, to avoid trapping and circulating recycled air. Inquire with your real estate company whether the sellers’ open doors and windows regularly to bring in the fresh air, as this is vital in cutting down airborne transmission.

Also, the owners of condos with central AC need to ensure that these are cleaned regularly. The temperature in Barbados can get super-hot, so ensuring that AC (whether it is central AC in condos or split system individual ACs in homes) are regularly cleaned is essential in preventing the spread of the virus.

  1. Spacing Out Home Visits

Companies and homeowners are advised to plan regular intervals between home visits to prevent the spread of the virus. Since the coronavirus weakens over time, spacing home visits by a few hours or days can keep both sellers and buyers safe.

  1. Limit Your Open House Viewings

Do as much research online before you request a visit and avoid touring a high number of houses (as you would do before COVID-19). Examine online resources such as 3D virtual walkthrough tours, property photos, floor plans, and video chats with an agent or homeowner to narrow your search to the properties you are going to tour.

Although the coronavirus pandemic has severely cut into the housing market, many buyers are eager to resume visiting open houses. There is no reason why you couldn’t safely enjoy your house haunt in Barbados, as long as you stick to the safety measures.



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