Barbados is the place to be in 2020! Barbados initiative aims to call Barbadians from all over the world to come home in 2020, explore their Bajan roots, connect with family and friends, and invest in the development of our country.

The We Gatherin’ 2020 invitation is open to Barbadians by birth, by marriage, by descent, or by choice.


We Gatherin’ is a year-round celebration of Barbadian culture, tradition, and values. There are events planned for each of 52 weeks of the year. The events will be coordinated by Government and organized at the national level. However, communities across the country are encouraged to take part and initiate local events. 2020 has been chosen as a year that will gather all Barbadians and those who love Barbados in the celebration of the country and its people.

As We Gatherin’ 2020 focuses on Barbados’ long-term development agenda, the theme of the year-long celebrations is Purposeful Pursuit of Barbadian Excellence, envisioned to support the Government’s idea of building the national transformation, creating economic opportunities for Barbadians, and promoting the country’s global brand. The Barbados Initiative launch took place in February 2019. During the launch, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley emphasized that the aim of the We Gatherin’ 2020 is to help and promote the rebuilding of the nation.


It’s a call for homecoming, not only physically returning to Barbados, but also a recommitment to fundamental Barbadian values. The Government encouraged community groups, churches, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, and individuals to participate and come up with projects and events.

We Gatherin’ 2020 Events and Celebrations

Barbados Initiative has started in the parish of St. Lucy in the north of the country in January. The celebrations will then move southward, featuring each of the eleven parishes of Barbados each month. During the celebrations, every community in the country will have the opportunity to present their unique icons, heritage, social life, and food.

Here’s the list of parishes that will hold the Gatherin’ 2020 celebrations and events by month

January – St. Lucy

February – St. Peter

March – St. Thomas

April – St. Joseph

May – St. John

June – St. George

July – St. Philip

August – St. Andrew

September – St. James

October – Christ Church

November – St. Michael

December – Nationwide

November in St, Michael is planned as the culmination of parish celebrations, while We Gatherin’ 2020 will culminate with “Old Time Bajan Christmas” extravaganza in Queen’s Park on December 25, 2020.

How Can You Contribute?

If you’re a Barbadian living at home, contact the Parish Organizing Committees in your parish. If you live abroad, you may contact your resident foreign mission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, 1 Culloden Road, St. Michael, Tel. No. (246)431-2200, fax: (246) 42906652, E-mail: barbados@foreign.gov.bb .


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