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Barbados is mostly known for its astonishing tropical beaches with crystal azure waters, but this gorgeous Caribbean destination is much more than just sand and the sea. Barbados is country of contrast – from the country’s UNESCO World Heritage Site capital of Bridgetown to stunning beach resorts and deluxe properties, and from pristine beaches to lush plantations and botanical gardens, this picturesque isle country will amaze you with the abundance of places to explore and things to do.

Whether you are looking for a vacation packed with a thrill or for a tranquil gateway, Barbados is the right place for you. So, before you pack and go, here are the top five things to know when vacationing to Barbados.


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  1. How to Get In and Around

If you are arriving in Barbados by plane, you’ll land to Sir Grantley Adams International Airport (BGI) that connects the island to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The airport is located 8 miles east of Bridgetown, so you can catch a bus or a mini-van to the capital for BDS$2.00 /US$1.00 per person.

Also, a lot of people come to Barbados by cruise ships that dock in the Bridgetown harbour. From the cruise ship terminal, you can use shuttle buses or taxi to the city’s downtown for BDS$2.00 / US$1.00 per person by bus and from BDS$40.00 / US$20.00 per person by taxi.

To get around the island, tourists can use public buses operated by Barbados Transport Board as well as private yellow buses and mini-vans. While Barbados Transport Board buses accept only BDS, yellow buses and mini-vans accept USD dollars too.

Although taking a taxi is a convenient way to travel around the island, it is also pretty expensive, so you may want to consider renting a car in Barbados. Inspired Real Estate | Barnard Realty Inc. is available to assist with car rentals from something small to get-around to larger vehicles and of course more luxurious vehicles. Note, you will need to get a temporary permit for BDS$10.00 / US$5.00 which we can assist with as well.

Barbados is pretty easy to get around, as there is a 2 to 4-lane highway running through the most of the island from north to south along the west coast.

  • Barbados Regions

This beautiful coral island consists of eleven regions, known as parishes that can be divided into four main areas: Bridgetown, Southern, Western, and Eastern Barbados. As Barbados is a small island, the beaches across the aisle are pretty similar. However, the west coast of the island is the Caribbean Sea, calm and tranquil and therefore ideal for snorkelling and swimming.

The east coast of Barbados is the Atlantic Ocean with large waves ideal for surfers and active-holiday enthusiasts.

In Southern Barbados, you’ll find a mixture of sea conditions with most areas having waves which makes them ideal for surfing, kite boarding and other water sports. This part of the island is also a vibrant area crammed with restaurants and bars. The Grantley Adams International Airport is located here as well.

For a true tropical retreat, check out luxury vacation villas by Inspired Real Estate | Barnard Realty Inc.



  1. Where to Stay in Barbados

When it comes to accommodation in Barbados, the options are plentiful. You can choose from small and cosy B&B’s that are scattered all over the island, luxury hotels on the Western Coast or more affordable boutique hotels in the Southwest. However, if you are looking for ultimate privacy and comfort during your vacation in Barbados, take a look at deluxe vacation homes Inspired Real Estate | Barnard Realty Inc. offers throughout the island.




  1. Things to Do in Barbados

Whether you seek an active holiday in Barbados or relaxed beach-time fun, you will enjoy your vacation on this Caribbean island. Flamboyant carnivals, immaculate golf courses, historic colonial buildings, astonishing beaches, and exciting night-life will make your holiday in Barbados truly unforgettable. Check out the best tours in Barbados with Inspired Real Estate | Barnard Realty Inc. and experience:

  • Catamaran cruises
  • Horse-riding
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • The Botanical Garden
  • Codrington
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
  • Foul Bay on the southeast coast
  • Rum Tours
  • Nightclubbing
  • Fine Dining
  • Beach Bars
  • Beach
  • Hiking
  • Exploring the East Coast


  1. The Currency

Barbados’ currency is the Barbados Dollar (BBD). However, the US Dollar is also widely accepted across the island and most hotels, stores, and restaurants accept major credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa.

Barbados has a range of banks in operation with branches and ATMs all over the island. Some of the banks are Caribbean owned and others are Canadian-owned institutions.


  1. Staying Healthy and Safe
  • Drinking Water

Tap water in Barbados is safe to drink.

  • General Safety

Although this heavenly island is a safe place to travel, crime in Barbados still occurs. It is wise to take general safety precautions and avoid walking on secluded beaches, unfamiliar neighbourhoods or secluded roads.

  • Road Safety

The roads in Barbados are often quite narrow and driving is on the left-hand side of the road, so keep this in mind.

This was just a quick introduction to the island of Barbados but be sure to contact your Vacation Agent Maisha at for further assistance!


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