barbados offering 12-month remote-work stay incentive to attract visitor

Who doesn’t have a wish in their bucket list to work in a peaceful and beautiful environment? If yes, then continue reading and we assure you that you will definitely want to relocate. Even if it was not one of the most prioritized wishes, the stressful conditions caused by CoVid-19 have turned this wish into the most important one for many people. If you are one of many persons who is looking for a destination to travel, amidst the current scenario,  without sacrificing their quality of life and work remotely from their laptop in a pleasing and tranquil place next to their palm trees and warm ocean breezes, then we have just the news that can turn your fantasy into a reality.

Barbados, a Caribbean island as pretty as a picture is set to introduce a twelve-month Barbados Welcome Stamp. The idea is that as short-term and nonessential travel is still discouraged in many places, a twelve-month stamp would make the trip more worthwhile. The visa is specifically designed to help boost the Barbados economy in the wake of the COVid-19 pandemic. Barbados has sun, sand, surf, high-speed wifi, and now a digital nomad visa. The country’s first-ever digital nomad visa also called the Barbados Welcome Stamp would allow visitors from the United States, Europe, and throughout Latin America to stay there and work remotely while taking advantage of the nice laid back relaxed atmosphere for an entire year. Thanks to the new incentive, all you need to do is fill an application.


What do we know?

The first question that comes to mind when most of the flight operations around the world are not operating is that whether you can travel to Barbados right now. Well, the answer is a big YES!!. The proposal comes at the perfect time, as flights in and out of the country are set to resume from July 12th. In addition to that Barbados, a country of nearly three hundred thousand has recently begun to relax precautions within its borders, including physical distancing of three feet, social events with up to five hundred people, and sporting events with spectators. However, you can only enter into Barbados if you have evidence of a negative COVid-19 test result. Barbados has less than a hundred COVid-19 cases and only seven deaths. The government is determined to mitigate the virus’ spread and therefore recommends that the visitors should get themselves tested for COVID-19 at least seventy-two hours prior to their departure. Visitors will also be required to fill out an online embarkation/disembarkation form relating to their health and face temperature checks at the airport. Visitors who fail to take a COVID-19 test before arrival will be required to take one upon arrival in Barbados. The test results can take up to forty-eight hours. A test result that is positive requires isolation where they will receive care from the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The quarantine will be at the expense of the visitors while they wait for the test results. Bear in mind that the Barbados Welcome Stamp would only allow you to work digitally and not get employed in Barbados.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The visa is available to anyone with an expected income of at least US$50,000 dollars in the next twelve months.
  2. Applicants are also required to pass the character background check.
  3. Visitors who are interested in staying for twelve months will be required to have the necessary insurance arrangements in place.
  4. The Barbados Government has indicated that it will prefer applicants who are between the ages of twenty-two and fifty-five.
  5. A cohabitant partner is also eligible to apply if you are not married to each other and have cohabited continuously for a period of five years or more and have so cohabited within a period of twelve months immediately preceding the submission of the application.


How to Apply:

To apply you will need to submit documents like passport-sized photos and a copy of your birth certificate on the dedicated website electronically together with an application and answer questions about the work that you will be doing after you arrive on the island. If you are an individual who is looking to travel to Barbados then you will have to US$2,000 dollars as a fee. However, if you’re considering taking your spouse or children with you, you’ll have to pay US$3,000 for the family bundle and submit the same paperwork mentioned above for them as well together with proof of their relationship with them such as marriage, birth, or adoption certificates. The application process begins within seventy-two hours from the time the Barbados Government receives your completed application and according to the government, it should take under seven days to find out if you can relocate to the beachside. Once your visa has been approved for the twelve-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, you can also re-apply at least two more times to extend your visa.

Link to apply: https://www.barbadoswelcomestamp.bb/



  • Visitors do not have to provide proof of income to apply for the Welcome Stamp.
  • Visitors are not required to pay any Barbados income tax.
  • Visitors with school-aged children are advised to enroll in private schools for twelve months.
  • British passport holders are allowed to visit Barbados without a visa whereas UK passport holders are allotted a fixed period of time for which they may remain in the country.



If you can work from anywhere, would you stay where you are? COVid-19 has provided the perfect opportunity for the world to make a move towards digital work. With businesses encouraging work from home, the Barbados twelve-month digital nomad visa program sounds like an opportunity knocking that should not be missed. So if you like the idea of travelling and working remotely on an island then you should definitely consider this. Furthermore, with the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean on the other, you would have some extraordinary office atmosphere. So if you have grown tired of staring at the same four walls of your house you should fill the application and be on your way to Barbados.


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