We all want our holidays to be perfect, whether we are going to spend them at home or retreat to a tropical destination for Christmas and the New Year’s. If you are dreaming of a beach vacation for the Holidays, but still want to have all that Holiday vibe with the Christmas tree, décor, and close people around you, we know how to make it happen.

Our concierge services available to you for Christmas and the New Year’s will uplift your holiday experience with as little hassle as possible and help create life-long memories.

For most people, Holidays are the time of joy, get-togethers, and happiness. However, we all know that the Holiday season can be stressful too. Many of us get overwhelmed just thinking about their holiday schedule, gift shopping, and entertaining. And spending holidays away from home can add up to your holiday stress, especially if you’re travelling with children.

So, here is what you can expect when booking concierge services for Christmas and the New Year’s with Inspired Real Estate | Barnard Realty Inc.

A fabulous Christmas tree, private chef for Christmas lunch or dinner, Christmas beach gathering, NYE event planning, even a personal driver to take you shopping – you can have it all. And we can make it happen.


  1. Christmas Tree and Décor

What we offer covers much more than providing a vacation home. We can make it feel like home. You don’t have to worry about your holiday décor and the dazzling Christmas tree. We’ll bring the spirit of Christmas to your Caribbean villa as you would do at home. We’ll make sure to dress up your place so you don’t miss a bit of a holiday atmosphere.


  1. Private Chef for Christmas Lunch and Dinner

We’ll be happy to help you entertain in your Caribbean home for Christmas lunch or dinner. Our professional chef will ensure that everyone remembers what a great hostess you are even long after the Holiday season is officially over.

  1. Christmas Beach Gathering

From preparing your favourite goodies to arranging the setup for your Christmas beach gathering, your concierge services will ensure that you and your guests enjoy yourselves while we take care of the rest.


  1. New Year’s Eve Event Planning

To make every moment of your Caribbean retreat exactly like you hoped, take advantage of concierge services in your New Year’s Eve event planning. From grocery shopping and food preparation to adding final touches to your vacation home décor, your concierge will make sure that you spend unforgettable and relaxed New Year’s Eve with family and/or friends.


  1. Personal Driver to Take You Shopping

Leave the stress of driving and the last-minute gift shopping at home. You’re on vacation, so our concierge services will arrange to pick you up at your vacation home and take you shopping for as long as you need to.

Have your holidays arranged from start to end – the luxury concierge services will be uniquely tailored to you, ensuring that you don’t lift a finger.


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